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Wireless Internet

Benefit from Internet Gold Coast’s range of wireless broadband Internet plans. All plans come with no contract and no exit fees giving total customer satisfaction. Our friendly team offer outstanding support. Select a plan from the range below and enjoy the Internet how it should be.


Wireless Internet PlansMax Speed down/up in kbpsTotal GBPrice
Basic1 GIG Data per 30 days1 GB$29.95 / month*
Advanced2 GIG Data per 30 days2 GB$39.95 / month*
Pro3 GIG Data per 30 days3 GB$49.95 / month*
Express5 GIG Data per 30 days5 GB$59.95 / month*
Mammoth15 GIG Data per 12 months15 GB$199.00 / year*
ComboModem/Sim (24 month)
with 15 GIG Data/12 months
15 GB$299.00 / year*
SpecialModem/Sim (24 month)
with (FREE) 1 GIG Data/30 days
1 GB$149.95 / 2 year*

*Wireless Internet Service CoastNet 7.2MB USB Wireless Modem Adapter required $149.95


Wireless Internet Plans:

low-cost high speed wireless Internet

Our support team is available 24 hours

No contract and no disconnection fee

Prepaid Wireless Broadband Plans

Bundle your Home Phone and Internet and save

3G Mobile Broadband Internet plans



No Contract Wireless Broadband

No Contract No Exit feesWe offer no contract and no disconnection fees on our Broadband Wireless Internet Plans.